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MIDP XForms Processor

The MIDP XForms Processor runs XForms on the phone as an application. The screenshot shows the processor running on a Sony-Ericsson W550i phone. It runs a demo form which is a small scorecard application for golf. Screenshot of the MIDP XForms Processor running on a Sony-Ericsson W550i phone

The MIDP processor can be downloaded from the files section on the sourceforge site. To try it out on SUNs emulator the heap size must be increased (e.g. to 16Mb), to do that open the Preference app select Storage and enter 16000 in the Heap Size input field. Then start the application using SolidForms.jad. Then install the golf app (it is prefilled in the app). When starting the golf application have patience it starts very slowly.

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