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SolidApp builds open source software for standard-based declarative applications in Java(TM) and .NET
Our mission is to build and service software that creates, deploys and runs standard-based declarative applications for JavaTM and .NET

Table of Contents

  1. xml:base
    1. xml:base
  2. XPath
    1. Axes
    2. Node Tests
    3. XPath Functions
    4. Other
  3. DOM Level 2
    1. Interfaces
    2. Modules
  4. XML Events
    1. Event flow
    2. Interfaces
    3. Event Module
  5. XForms 1.0
    1. Document Structure
    2. Processing Model
    3. Datatypes
    4. Model Item Properties
    5. XPath Expressions in XForms
    6. Form Controls
    7. XForms User Interface
    8. XForms Actions
    9. Submit
    10. Other features

Specification Implementation Status


Feature Status
xml:base Supported


Feature Status
child Supported
descendant Supported
parent Supported
ancestor Supported
following-sibling Supported
preceding-sibling Supported
following Supported
preceding Supported
attribute Supported
namespace Not supported
self Supported
descendant-or-self Supported
ancestor-or-self Supported
Node Tests
NCName Supported
QName Supported
processing-instruction Supported
comment Supported
node Supported
text Supported
XPath Functions
last() Supported
position() Supported
count(node-set) Supported
id(object) Supported
local-name(node-set?) Supported
namespace-uri(node-set?) Supported
name(node-set?) Supported
string(object?) Supported
concat(string, string, string*) Supported
starts-with(string, string) Supported
contains(string, string) Supported
substring-before(string, string) Supported
substring-after(string, string) Supported
substring(string, number, number?) Supported
string-length(string?) Supported
normalize-space(string?) Supported
translate(string, string, string) Supported
boolean(object) Supported
not(boolean) Supported
true() Supported
false() Supported
lang(string) Supported
number(object?) Supported
sum(node-set) Supported
floor(number) Supported
ceiling(number) Supported
round(number) Supported
Untyped variables Not supported
The compiler builds a typed semantic tree to perform optimizations and currently it cannot handle untyped input. Typed variables is supported (e.g. when you can tell at compile type what the type are)

DOM Level 2

Feature Status
DOMException Supported
ExceptionCode Supported
DOMImplementation Supported
DocumentFragment Supported
Document Supported
Node Supported
NodeList Supported
NamedNodeMap Supported
CharacterData Supported
Attr Supported
Element Supported
Text Supported
Comment Supported
CDATASection Supported
DocumentType Not supported
Notation Not supported
Entity Not supported
EntityReference Not supported
ProcessingInstruction Supported
Core Partial
Traversal and Range Not supported
Events Supported
Views Not supported
Style Not supported
HTML Not supported

XML Events

Feature Status
Event flow
Event capture Supported
Event bubbling Supported
Event cancelation Supported
EventTarget Supported
EventListener Supported
DocumentEvent Supported
Event Module
User Interface event types Not supported
Mouse event types Not supported
Key events Not supported
Mutation event types Not supported
Mutation events are very slow and therefore the DOM has another way of handling mutation notifications which performs
HTML event types Not supported

XForms 1.0

Feature Status
Document Structure
The model element Supported
The instance element Supported
The submission element Supported
The mustUnderstand Module Not supported
The XForms Extension Module Supported
Processing Model
The xforms-model-construct Event Supported
The xforms-model-construct-done Event Supported
The xforms-ready Event Supported
The xforms-model-destruct Event Supported
The xforms-next and xforms-previous Events Not supported
The xforms-focus Event Not supported
The xforms-help and xforms-hint Events Supported
The xforms-refresh Event Supported
The xforms-revalidate Event Supported
Validation is not enabled in the default build
The xforms-revalidate Event Supported
The xforms-rebuild Event Supported
The xforms-reset Event Supported
The xforms-submit Event Supported
The DOMActivate Event Supported
The xforms-value-changed Event Supported
The xforms-select and xforms-deselect Events Supported
The xforms-scroll-first and xforms-scroll-last Events Not supported
repeat index functionality is not supported
The xforms-insert and xforms-delete Events Supported
The xforms-valid Event Supported
The xforms-invalid Event Supported
The DOMFocusIn Event Partial
Renderings must dispatch the event, but will be moved to a abstract focus handling
The DOMFocusOut Event Partial
Renderings must dispatch the event, but will be moved to a abstract focus handling
The xforms-readonly Event Supported
The xforms-readwrite Event Supported
The xforms-required Event Supported
The xforms-optional Event Supported
The xforms-enabled Event Supported
The xforms-disabled Event Supported
The xforms-in-range Event Supported
The xforms-out-of-range Event Supported
The xforms-submit-done Event Supported
The xforms-submit-error Event Supported
The xforms-binding-exception Event Supported
The xforms-binding-exception Event Supported
The xforms-link-error Event Supported
The xforms-compute-exception Event Supported
xforms:listItem Not supported
xforms:listItems Not supported
xforms:dayTimeDuration Not supported
xforms:yearMonthDuration Not supported
Model Item Properties
The type Property Not supported
Schema support is not enabled in the default build
The readonly Property Supported
The required Property Supported
The relevant Property Supported
The calculate Property Supported
The constraint Property Supported
The p3p Property Not supported
p3p is not supported, but no processing is required in XForms for this element.
XPath Expressions in XForms
Feature string for the hasFeature method call Not supported
The getInstanceDocument() Method Supported
The rebuild() Method Supported
The recalculate() Method Supported
The revalidate() Method Supported
The refresh() Method Supported
Evaluation Context Supported
Binding Expressions Supported
The boolean-from-string() Function Supported
The if() Function Supported
The avg() Function Supported
The min() Function Supported
The max() Function Supported
The count-non-empty() Function Supported
The index() Function Not supported
repeat index is not spported
The property() Function Supported
The now() Function Not supported
The days-from-date() Function Not supported
The seconds-from-dateTime() Function Not supported
The seconds() Function Not supported
The months() Function Not supported
The instance() Function Supported
Form Controls
The input Element Supported
The secret Element Supported
The textarea Element Supported
The output Element Supported
The upload Element Partial
Datatype binding is not data-type aware since schema is not enabled in the default build
The range Element Partial
Supports only xsd:integer
The trigger Element Supported
The submit Element Supported
The select Element Supported
The select1 Element Supported
The select1 Element Supported
The choices Element Supported
The value Element Supported
The filename Element Supported
The mediatype Element Supported
The label Element Supported
The help Element Supported
The hint Element Supported
The alert Element Supported
XForms User Interface
The group Element Supported
The switch Element Supported
The case Element Supported
The toggle Element Supported
The repeat Element Supported
Creating Repeating Structures Via Attributes Not supported
The itemset Element Supported
The copy Element Supported
The insert Element Supported
The delete Element Supported
The setindex Element Not supported
repeat index is not supported
XForms Actions
The action Element Supported
The dispatch Element Supported
The rebuild Element Supported
The recalculate Element Supported
The revalidate Element Supported
The refresh Element Supported
The setfocus Element Supported
The load Element Supported
The setvalue Element Supported
The send Element Supported
The reset Element Supported
The message Element Supported
The xforms-submit Event Supported
Submission Options Supported
Serialization as application/xml Supported
The host of the processor will have to supply code for submission
Serialization as multipart/related Not supported
The host of the processor will have to supply code for submission
Serialization as multipart/form-data Not supported
The host of the processor will have to supply code for submission
Serialization as application/x-www-form-urlencoded Not supported
The host of the processor will have to supply code for submission
The put Submit Method Partial
The get Submit Method Partial
Other features
Lazy authoring Not supported
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