SolidApp - a fundamental system
SolidApp builds open source software for standard-based declarative applications in Java(TM) and .NET
Our mission is to build and service software that creates, deploys and runs standard-based declarative applications for JavaTM and .NET

About SolidApp

SolidApp's open source software provides a declarative standard-based XML platform stack. The platform uses XForms as the main language for defining the user interaction, data model and processing model. XForms is a declarative XML markup for creating forms specified as a recommendation by W3C and is build upon XPath, XML Events and XML Schema. XPath is used for binding the user interface, XML Events to receive and process messages and XML Schema is used for validation. SolidApp's XML Stack

Hosts that use the platform have to provide a bit of boilerplate code to use the engine but will then get the advantage of the XForms processing model. This will not only encapsulate application code but also integrate it into the XForms model. The integration points for the XML Stack are:

  • Elements in the DOM
  • User interface renderings for XForms controls
  • XML Event Actions
  • XPath functions
  • XForms submission schemes
  • XForms resource loading

SolidApp provides an XForms engine for MIDP devices which uses the basic MIDP controls to render a user interface. Also there is ongoing development of using the Internet Explorer Web Browser Control as a user interface for .NET applications.

Potential other renderings for the engine could be CSS, XSL-FO or maybe SVG.

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